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Dec 3, 2020 | Use cases

What words did we use to describe the epidemic? How do the songs tell about ourselves? Is football still made up of discrimination? Is there a philosophy in the little everyday things? Do you always need hugs and kisses? Why do we always need book stories? What is the humanity of our businesses?

These are some of the topics covered in the episodes of the podcast “Interlinea: writing the future between the lines of history”, conversations with authors who look to the future by reflecting on the present without forgetting the past. The conversations, and the idea of ​​opening this podcast, are by Roberto Cicala, director of Interlinea, to “think about the future starting from books”. The production is curated by Caterina Tognetti.

Interlinea is an independent Italian publisher. The company was founded by Cicala himself, also a lecturer at the Catholic University of Milan and at the university master’s degree in publishing in Pavia as well as an essayist (forthcoming release “The mechanisms of publishing” from Il Mulino), and by Carlo Robiglio, president and CEO of the holding Ebano SpA, of which Interlinea is a part. Robiglio holds various positions at national level, including those of vice president of Confindustria and president of Piccola Industria, and that of vice president of the Board of Directors of Sole 24 Ore S.p.A.

The headquarters of the Ebano Group are located in Novara (near Milano), while the investee companies are also based in other areas of Piemonte and Lombardia. The main business sectors of the Group are book publishing and professional training that takes place remotely with e-learning platforms. Alongside these primary activities, some companies of the Ebano group operate in the fields of communication, business intelligence, direct marketing and in initiatives linked to innovative startups aimed at the world of the sharing economy, with particular attention to digital marketing.


The Interlinea podcast


Roberto Cicala has started the Interlinea podcast in early 2020, during the first lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and tells us about his experience.

Why did you choose this new form of communication?

«Communication is essential in every form of culture and also in the editorial one. Some time before we had activated a process of digitizing the contents of our editions, already in e-book format. Alongside the video presentations of our new releases, via webinar or Facebook live, we also wanted to combine podcasts as more meditated dialogues on some topics in the Interlinea catalog, where testimony and critical reflection always count. Currently books, which still have their main value in the paper support, are in a multi-channel dimension, which is also the result of a dematerialization of the professions along the entire publishing chain. But it is not just a reaction to this moment of emergency and confinement: these enlarged digital modalities will become a communicative status even later».

After a few months of activity, what are your feedbacks and observations on the podcasting phenomenon?

«Attention is focused, of course, above all on dedicated platforms that are more oriented to more cultural content. For example, we also posted the recordings on YouTube but obviously it is a place where the video image counts and therefore the feedback is not felt there. The importance is to maintain a certain constancy, a periodicity, for a fidelity with authors and listeners: it is not easy when the activity in presence absorbs the time but it is a commitment and we plan to continue, thanks also to the initial consultancy received from Open Radio. The idea is to extend podcasting also to review projects, such as the Scrittori&Giovani festival in Novara and the province».


CEF and podcasting for distance learning


Interlinea has also created a podcast for CEF – Centro Europeo di Formazione (European Training Center, also part of the Ebano Group), with an important contribution from Anna Marino, professional journalist, author and host of Radio 24. Podcasting, therefore, is also suitable as didactic tool?

«Yes, the podcast can assume a formative relevance because it is a moment of listening and deepening: testimonies from experts help to develop themes usually treated only on the surface. The experience of the courses of CEF – European Training Center is an experience that is bearing interesting fruits as a contribution from the testimonies of professionals and experts on the topics of study “.

While “Interlinea: writing the future between the lines of history” was completely self-produced by the internal resources of Interlinea with an initial tutoring of the Open Radio consultants, for the CEF podcast the collaboration extended to the aspects of the packaging of the format and editing of the first episodes.

The Interlinea podcast can be listened to here.

At this link, however, you will find the website of CEF – European Training Center.



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