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Collaborations with companies specialized in specific sectors have been added around the technical platform of Open Radio, creating a modular, integrated solution that covers the entire chain from acquisition to the use of audio content, live and on demand, with attention to economic sustainability and monetization opportunities.

Funky Junk Italy is an independent company and part of the Funky Junk group. With offices in LondonParis, Milan and Vigo (Spain), the Funky Junk group is known for the quality level of the equipment it sells, both new and used. The brands distributed by Funky Junk Italy are leading brands all over the world and are selected on the basis of precise criteria such as quality, solidity, prestige and reliability.

Fiore Confuorto

Broadcast Division Consultant, Funky Junk Italy S.r.l.

The Vortex was created to help the Italian company fill the knowledge gaps in digital media such as marketing, communication and business tools. Provides courses and consultancy for communication, marketing, business and personal enrichment. In the radio industry, it has active relationships with national and local broadcasters.

Andrea Boscaro

Founder and Partner, The Vortex S.r.l.

SoundCast is the leading independent programmatic platform for digital audio. The company develops a comprehensive proprietary technological suite that allows Publishers to fully control and maximise the monetization of their audio inventory in a completely automated and transparent way. Working with more than 70 broadcasters, media groups, podcasters and music services, the company boasts its support-centric, agnostic and transparent approach.

Patrice Sguerzi

CEO, SoundCast SAS

Associazione Italiana Podcasting promotes podcasting in Italy and is linked to the Podcasting Festival, the largest event of the sector in Italy. The association has chosen to connect enthusiasts and professionals on a journey of human and professional growth, transforming the spread of podcasting into an opportunity for everyone.

Giulio Gaudiano

President, Associazione Italiana Podcasting

Radio Computing Services (RCS) has a proud history of innovation, currently holding 45 patents in the field of broadcasting. Inventors of computerized music scheduling with legendary software, RCS has multiple products, such as GSelector and Zetta, installed in 14.500 radio and TV stations all around the world. The italian RCS team supports leading broadcasters and digital audio services.

Michele Logrippo

Country Sales and Support Italia, RCS Europe SARL


The Open Radio software is designed to connect with third-party software and services that perform specific tasks in the production chain, obtaining simple, effective and quality solutions.

Audio.One offers SaaS Mobile Apps and Web Apps to publish audio and video content, live and on demand, with associated services that allow you to retain your community, collect first-party data and offer innovative formats to advertisers. With Audio.One everything can be managed from a dashboard: structural changes and dynamic content reach users in real time, without the need to publish software updates in the app stores.
Audio.One integrates with Open Radio’s Radio on Demand service, allowing you to publish episodes of newly broadcast programs automatically, without additional work, and monetize them with powerful tools.


Beautiful audio platforms for Radio Stations, Publishers and Brands

Telos Alliance AudioTools Server is a collection of ready-to-use audio solutions designed to add file-based workflows to automated environments. In the podcasting and digital audio on-demand industry, it is useful to process audio files and apply differentiated loudness control to them by listening platform, thanks to Omnia processing and Minnentoka Audio.

Telos Alliance

Cutting-edge audio technology

Amazon Fire TV is a line of digital media players and microconsoles developed by Amazon. These are small network devices that connect to televisions and deliver digital audio and video content transmitted over the Internet. Fire TV software is also pre-installed on some TV models.

Amazon Fire TV

Operating system for Smart TVs

SoundCast‘s platform allows publishers to directly manage, deliver and analyse digital audio campaigns by inserting any audio spots in podcasts and live streams, with advanced targeting and troubleshooting capacities. The company also offers programmatic activation as well as incremental monetisation for publishers with demand coming from fully brand safe international advertisers. SoundCast is VAST compliant and is integrated into Open Radio platform for Radio on Demand and Podcasting. Costs are proportional to the traffic, suitable for local radio stations and independent publishers.


AD Server/SSP

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant and is the intelligence that powers the Amazon Echo series smart speakers and other devices including third parties. With Alexa, you can develop natural voice interactions that give users an intuitive way to use everyday technology.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon voice assistant

Podtrac is in a unique position to produce rankings for the industry. With its ubiquitous podcast measurement technology across all sources of podcast traffic, its measurement relationships with the majority of top publishers in the industry, and over 11 years experience in analyzing more than 8.5 billion unique podcast downloads, Podtrac has access to data and experience that can’t be matched by anyone else in the industry.


IAB Compliant Podcasting Analytics

Zetta is a radio automation software built on decades of experience and feedback from thousands of radio stations worldwide. Zetta’s modern design allows maximum flexibility without restriction on functionality. The On Demand Recoding, Show and Publish functions fit seamlessly into the Radio on Demand service by Open Radio. For those who broadcast Visual Radio there is the perfect integration of Open Radio’s Visual Media Manager with the Zetta API, adding viedo automation to an audio program.


From RCS Sound Software

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