The Ecosystem: people and skills.

The Ecosystem:
and skills.

The ecosystem:
people and skills.

The Open Radio Team

Collaborations with consultants, freelancers and advisors specialized in specific sectors of the audio and broadcast industry have been added around the technical platform of Open Radio, ranging from professional training to technology, from writing journalistic and narrative texts to voice-overs, from digital marketing to commercial distribution of products and services.

Alessandro Stefanoni

Alessandro Stefanoni


Born in Milan, he is one of the founders of Radio 2.0 in Bergamo area, an FM, DAB+ and Internet station from which the Open Radio business branch originated: an ecosystem at the service of publishers and third-party companies. He has a complete experience in the field of radio and audio, including the coordination and production of instore radio in Italy and abroad.

Francesca Bacinotti

Francesca Bacinotti

Journalist and Speaker

Always in love with radio, she has become one of its voices. A journey that began with a professional course and an internship at Radio Gold, passing through GRP, Discoradio and for 7 years at R101, an Italian national station of the Mediaset group. Journalist and speaker, Francesca in addition to radio also produces audio, voice overs and podcasts.

Carlotta Ponzio

Carlotta Ponzio

Journalist, Speaker, Podcast author

Journalist, radio and advertising speaker, for years she has been studying the use of the voice in all its aspects and applications. Born into a family entirely dedicated to radio waves – the founders of Radio Azzurra Novara, Italy, 1975 -, she attended numerous professional courses in diction, acting, voice-over, to arrive in recent years at the dubbing academy with Cristian Iansante and Roberto Pedicini, and the Master in Podcasting and Storytelling of Il Sole 24 Ore and Audible.

Alessandro Rinaldi

Alessandro Rinaldi


He claims to be a computer programmer, but no one usually believes him. So even though he has good eyesight, he bought a pair of glasses to look more “nerdy”. Seriously, Alessandro is a full stack software developer, operating in different sectors and with a problem solving approach. In the broadcasting field, from a very young age he created solutions for the virtualization of radio studios, for AoIP connections and, more recently, the entire technical structure underlying the Open Radio project.
Laura Badiini

Laura Badiini

Digial media manager, Speaker and Podcaster

She has dedicated 20 years to radio and, thanks to the digitalization of the media, now offers complete communication services, giving people and companies the opportunity to tell their stories. She considers the study and updating of her knowledge fundamental, as well as the training of clients, to whom she provides the tools to best achieve their goals.

Marco Casa

Marco Casa

Journalist, Speaker and Podcaster

Since 2001 Marco has dedicated himself to local radio with the cultural programs of radio Marconi and national radio with the infomobility service of the Radio Traffic Agency for Radio 24, Radio Capital and Radio Rai. In recent years he has created, a podcast magazine dedicated to Italians living on the French Riviera. He puts his voice at the service of others but he also loves writing and editing programs and commercials, and transmitting his passion through seminars and courses.

Do you offer complementary products or services?

Open Radio,
digital audio Ecosystem.
With the human touch.



Open Radio,
digital audio Ecosystem.
With the
human touch.





Artificial intelligence and software for digital audio.


Service providers integrated in platform.


Editorial, technical and commercial skills.


Traditional and digital publishers, agencies.

Telos Alliance AudioTools Server is a collection of ready-to-use audio solutions designed to add file-based workflows to automated environments. In the podcasting and digital audio on-demand industry, it is useful to process audio files and apply differentiated loudness control to them by listening platform, thanks to Omnia processing and Minnentoka Audio.

Telos Alliance

Cutting-edge audio technology

Amazon Fire TV is a line of digital media players and microconsoles developed by Amazon. These are small network devices that connect to televisions and deliver digital audio and video content transmitted over the Internet. Fire TV software is also pre-installed on some TV models.

Amazon Fire TV

Operating system for Smart TVs

Podtrac is in a unique position to produce rankings for the industry. With its ubiquitous podcast measurement technology across all sources of podcast traffic, its measurement relationships with the majority of top publishers in the industry, and over 11 years experience in analyzing more than 8.5 billion unique podcast downloads, Podtrac has access to data and experience that can't be matched by anyone else in the industry.


IAB Compliant Podcasting Analytics

SoundCast's platform allows publishers to directly manage, deliver and analyse digital audio campaigns by inserting any audio spots in podcasts and live streams, with advanced targeting and troubleshooting capacities. The company also offers programmatic activation as well as incremental monetisation for publishers with demand coming from fully brand safe international advertisers. SoundCast is VAST compliant and is integrated into Open Radio platform for Radio on Demand and Podcasting. Costs are proportional to the traffic, suitable for local radio stations and independent publishers.


AD Server/SSP

Alexa is Amazon's cloud-based voice assistant and is the intelligence that powers the Amazon Echo series smart speakers and other devices including third parties. With Alexa, you can develop natural voice interactions that give users an intuitive way to use everyday technology.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon voice assistant

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Open Radio team.

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