M-Caster Publisher: multi-platform delivery of text-to-speech content.

You set up your news bullettins feeds, register them on platforms according to your strategies and agreements, and you’re done! Open Radio will start working for you. Open Radio helps you succeed with Google Podcasts, too.

Whenever you write a text and schedule its publication date, it will be automatically converted to audio with text to speech algorithms, packaged with the intro/outro/music bed of your format and made available on demand for all listeners on their favorite podcast apps, complete with metadata and commercials, with no additional work.

If you want, you can pre-listen to it and make changes before and after publication.

Application cases

Turn written text into podcasts

Publishers of physical and online newspapers who wish to broadcast breaking news in audio format. Multi-utility companies, supermarkets, producers of consumer goods, cinemas, theaters, museums, clubs, entertainment services, fairs, municipal administrations, tourist promotion offices, entities that support people with disabilities, etc., who wish to send news bulletins, communicate offers and special initiatives, calendars, opening hours and more.

How does M-Caster Publisher work?


Desk with computer and Internet browser

You connect with your credentials to the Content Manager, create a new episode, write the text, pre-listen to its pronunciation with the synthetic voice, make any corrections, set the date and time of publication, and save it. In the initial setup, you can upload intros/outros/music beds and spots for each podcast series.

Open Radio server with M-Caster software

Open Radio server receives the text and the M-Caster software turns it into audio with text-to-speech techniques and publishes it on all the destinations you have chosen. Each episode will be packaged with the intro/outro/music bed of your format, the commercials of your customers and will have a copy of the text itself in the description, without additional work for your staff.

User's smartphone, PC, smart speaker, TV etc.

The apps for listening to podcasts on most platforms will update with the most recent episodes of your shows and users will be able to listen to them on demand, moments after publication. Thanks to the integration with an IAB certified analytics system, you can measure your audience and report it to your customers.




Add commercials and monetize your content

Open radio can stitch on your podcasts the spots you sell, or connect to an external AD server.


Give reliable feedback to your customers

The system is designed to integrate with third parties and provide IAB cerified statistics.


Use your Internet domain, keep your independence

Your online identity will not be tied to third parties, you will be free in your future changes.


Talk to radio people, not chat bots

Automation is important, but when you need to solve an issue you’ll prefer a human support.

Features included.

Features included.


Automatically add intro, outro, background

Just write, schedule and save the text to be read and M-Caster will pack the full episode format.


Static and direct URLs, dynamic web pages

Automate links to the latest episodes. Generate customizable, dynamic web pages.


Audio processing and level normalization

Audio files can be processed before being delivered to optimize listening quality.


Get help from technology to do housekeeping

Set your own policies to auto-delete obsolete episodes and clean up your feeds.

Turn written text into podcasts!

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More products
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More products and services
from Open Radio…


Skills and Actions

Software for Alexa and Google Assistant.


Synchronized IP-based STL network.

Amazon Fire TV

Audio applications, solutions for brands.


Redundant point-to-point IP connection.

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Open Radio team.

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