U-Caster: redundant point-to-point IP connection

When establishing an Internet connection to send digital audio live from a remote location to a radio studio, it must be stable and continuous.

However, the conditions of each network available at the remote location may vary due to several reasons.

U-Caster is the software that allows you to establish a point-to-point Internet connection between two computers, using two or more different carriers simultaneously, such as an ADSL cable connection and a 4G mobile data connection, or more mobile data connections provided by different telcos.

The transmission of data between the two computers thus becomes more robust because it is based, in each instant, on the best Internet connection. Furthermore, the transmission takes place transparently for the user and regardless of the Internet connections used.

Application cases

Home studio

Radio presenters who make live programs from their home, equipped with an unprofessional Internet connection: the digital audio signal may arrive intermittently to the headquarters. The redundant connection with U-Caster improves the result.

Sports venues

Sports stadiums and arenas, where journalists wish to make radio reports using public data connections. They are fully efficient when the venues are empty, but when people and fans, during competitions, saturate the capacity of existing networks, the digital audio transmission of the radio comment may be interrupted because the Internet connection used by the journalist does not have the necessary bandwidth, since it is shared with other users. The redundant connection with U-Caster improves the result.

Concerts, fairs, events

Large concerts and events such as fairs, that attract a large number of people at the same time in the same area: people, using their smartphones, saturates the capacity of the available networks. The digital audio transmission of the radio station may be interrupted because the Internet connection no longer has the necessary free bandwidth, being shared with other users. The redundant connection with U-Caster improves the result.

How does U-Caster work?

Headquarters computer

Open Radio installs the Server module of the U-Caster software on a computer of the radio station with which you intend to activate the redundant external connection.

A UDP port must be opened on the local router to the computer where U-Caster Server is installed.

One or more remote computers can be connected to this computer and they will have a redundant connection in a totally transparent way.

Remote computer

The computer used remotely to transmit audio to the headquarters must be connected with at least two different Internet connections, such as the ADSL cable line and a 4G data modem.

On this computer, Open Radio will install the U-Caster Client software.

All the workflow during the radio shows will take place as usual with the software on the computer, without restrictions. The headquarters connection channel will automatically get the best of each active Internet connection.




Your workflow doesn't change

You will have a new private IP address to reach the headquarters computer for all data traffic.


Only one port to open

It is not necessary to open a different port for each service: everything passes from a single UDP port.


All traffic is encrypted

The traffic exchanged through U-Caster is fully encrypted: nobody will be able to see what goes through the tunnel.


A specialist helps you

U-Caster is open source, Open Radio provides a developer support for installation and configuration.

Make your direct broadcasts more stable!

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