Audio AdServer & SSP: SoundCast is available in Italy

Audio AdServer
& SSP:
is available in Italy

Jan 7, 2023 | Ecosystem

SoundCast is a Paris-based company that has developed a completely independent and agnostic solution to give publishers and agencies full control and transparency in the monetization of audio content. The suite consists of an Audio AdServer, SSP and Dashboard and allows you to automate, customize and measure Digital Audio Advertising with all the targeting features and metrics required by the market, placing it on streams, podcasts and on demand audio in general.

SoundCast, Audio AdServer in Italy with Open Radio

SoundCast and Open Radio have signed an agreement to jointly provide AdServer services to Italian radio, podcast publishers and agencies.

«When we tried SoundCast, we immediately knew it would be a simple, complete and reliable solution suited to the needs of radio broadcasters who intend to monetize their on demand and streamed content – said Alessandro Rinaldi, Cofounder of Open Radio –. SoundCast is very convenient because it has no fixed costs, but you pay in proportion to the impressions actually delivered».

For campaigns sold and programmed in-house by the publisher with the AdServer, the cost of the service is a fraction of a euro for every 1,000 impressions delivered, regardless of the price that the publisher charges the end customer for the advertising campaign. If you want to use SSP features, their cost is calculated as a percentage of the CPM.

Open Radio developers have already integrated SoundCast into Radio on Demand, the service that “turns radio shows into podcasts“.

Therefore, radio stations or podcasters wishing to use the Radio on Demand service together with this AdServer do not need to have technical skills. Once you have subscribed to the SoundCast contract, simply create your own network and a tag for each of your RSS feeds, copy the alphanumeric codes of the tags into the Radio on Demand Content Manager and you’re ready to go.

Whenever there is a campaign to be delivered, you can precisely target it according to a wide range of possibilities and you can choose to send it to all podcasts, single podcasts, or groupings, in favor of contextualization. The same goes for streams.

SoundCast complies with the IAB’s VAST specification and therefore is compatible with players and applications using the industry standard. Open Radio also offers system integration services for publishers who want to connect SoundCast to their proprietary platforms.

AD Server and SSP: multiple revenue opportunities

Catch-ups of radio programs has great potential outside of FM broadcasting. The same goes for simulcast streams and even more so for native digital web radio streams. With a few tricks and minimal investments, a radio station can monetize the valuable content it already has, without additional work, opening up to the digital advertising market and thus being able to acquire new investment shares in communication from customers, which would otherwise be precluded.

«We at Open Radio, who live in the radio stations, have set ourselves the goal of helping publishers not only in the digital transformation of their companies, but also to increase their revenues, guaranteeing competitive positions in the digital advertising market. When a radio station or a radio network or a sales house wants to increase the quality of its offer, being compliant with the targeting techniques and metrics of digital advertising, SoundCast is an effective and convenient solution», concluded Rinaldi.

Patrice Sguerzi, CEO of SoundCast: «SoundCast is the leading independent programmatic platform for digital audio. The company develops a comprehensive proprietary technological suite that allows publishers to fully control and maximise the monetization of their audio inventory in a completely automated and transparent way. Working with more than 70 broadcasters, media groups, podcasters and music services, the company boasts its support-centric, agnostic and transparent approach».

Thanks to SoundCast and Open Radio, Italian radio stations therefore have a ready-made, integrated and inexpensive solution that will allow them to monetize their content, through commercials such as prerolls, postrolls and midrolls on podcasts and streamed audio, maximizing the yield thanks to a sale on several levels, with as many degrees of priority in filling the spaces:

  • Sale to direct customers, with standard and premium offers, without having to pay commissions to third parties
  • Sale through an area or national agency, according to agreements that the publisher can negotiate directly
  • Programmatic advertising managed by SoundCast, in order to monetize unsold inventory as well
  • Insertion of non-commercial self-promotional messages.

Together with publishers in the digital audio domain

Some webinars and courses – part of Open Radio Campus training program – will allow radio publishers, their sales directors and sales teams to explore the paradigm of digital audio advertising and profitably use the tools for selling, planning and implementing the campaigns.

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Earn money with the digital audio advertising!

Open Radio,
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Open Radio,
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With the
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Telos Alliance AudioTools Server is a collection of ready-to-use audio solutions designed to add file-based workflows to automated environments. In the podcasting and digital audio on-demand industry, it is useful to process audio files and apply differentiated loudness control to them by listening platform, thanks to Omnia processing and Minnentoka Audio.

Telos Alliance

Cutting-edge audio technology

Amazon Fire TV is a line of digital media players and microconsoles developed by Amazon. These are small network devices that connect to televisions and deliver digital audio and video content transmitted over the Internet. Fire TV software is also pre-installed on some TV models.

Amazon Fire TV

Operating system for Smart TVs

Podtrac is in a unique position to produce rankings for the industry. With its ubiquitous podcast measurement technology across all sources of podcast traffic, its measurement relationships with the majority of top publishers in the industry, and over 11 years experience in analyzing more than 8.5 billion unique podcast downloads, Podtrac has access to data and experience that can't be matched by anyone else in the industry.


IAB Compliant Podcasting Analytics

SoundCast's platform allows publishers to directly manage, deliver and analyse digital audio campaigns by inserting any audio spots in podcasts and live streams, with advanced targeting and troubleshooting capacities. The company also offers programmatic activation as well as incremental monetisation for publishers with demand coming from fully brand safe international advertisers. SoundCast is VAST compliant and is integrated into Open Radio platform for Radio on Demand and Podcasting. Costs are proportional to the traffic, suitable for local radio stations and independent publishers.


AD Server/SSP

Alexa is Amazon's cloud-based voice assistant and is the intelligence that powers the Amazon Echo series smart speakers and other devices including third parties. With Alexa, you can develop natural voice interactions that give users an intuitive way to use everyday technology.

Amazon Alexa

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